"One Should always be a little improbable"
I hope my improbable illustrations brings some joy to your home and makes you smile a little everyday.
Let me invite you into my imagination!
To do my creative compositions, I usually search for ideas around me. And my children are currently the most inspiring source for me. For instance, my Unimaginable Worlds Collection was the result of a request from one of my little boys. He asked me to draw unrelated elements on the same illustration. Trying to find a solution to put all of them together, I opened up myself to a new world of possibilities.​​​​​​​
Unimaginable Worlds Collection
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Laptop Sleeve
13": 33,14€ & 15": 33,99€
Nantes New year
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12,74 € Lined or Unlined, set of 3 notebooks: 30,59 €
Drink collection
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Tote bags
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read & tell collection
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all art prints
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