I’m SO EXCITED to share with you the illustration I made for the @Adobe #My2022Vision Campaign in which they asked me to talk about my vision and goals for 2022 through an illustration. More specifically, we decided to talk about my personal project “Drawing Helps” which consists in helping, free of charge, associations to convey their message, values and/or know-how in a more graphic and attractive way. For this project, I will do one free illustration per quarter but I will keep the right to choose the organizations that suit my values, like organizations who work to protect the environment, defend animal rights or propose actions dedicated to children. To represent all that in my @Adobe illustration, I drew a dancer “exploding” with creativity (her dress) and, in this “explosion”, you can see elements representing my values (environment, children and animals). I hope you like it, as I’m really proud of this project. Thanks again to @Adobe for trusting me.

To read my full story, visit this link. Share your goals for the new year using #My2022Vision!

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