Once again I had the big pleasure to work on an Adobe campaign. This time the invitation came from France. Me, and 4 other artists (Florimond Mochel, Lulu la Nantaise, Caroline Attia, Matthieu Verlaine) were ask to talk about our inspirations and create 5 small illustrations each. These illustrations would be later animated on a video of a coffee shop from Lyon. Besides this animation we also did a video portrait in which we share our process and give some Photoshop Tips.

Les esprits créatifs ré-imaginent leur monde dans les cafés.
Depuis toujours, les esprits créatifs fréquentent les cafés pour se rencontrer, débattre, créer, imaginer… 
Dans ces lieux hors du temps, l’inspiration est partout. Cinq artistes nous racontent leurs « histoires de comptoirs » et nous dévoilent leurs créations, imaginées et créées avec Photoshop.

Creative minds reimagine their world in coffee shops.
Creative minds have always used coffee shops to meet, debate, create, imagine... 
In these timeless places, inspiration is everywhere. Five artists tell us their " comptoir stories " and reveal their creations, imagined and created with Photoshop.

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