J’ai eu le plaisir d’être invitée par la Mairie de Nantes à participer de la concurrence la campagne des Voeux 2021 de la ville. Pour ma surprise Johanna Rolland, notre Maire, a choisi mon travail ! Je me suis pas mal amusée sur ce projet. La Mairie m’a laissé beaucoup de liberté et j’ai pu illustrer ma vision de la ville. Je ne peux pas décrire le plaisir de voir mon travail dans les rues de Nantes. 

J’espère que ce projet vous ai également plu !


These illustrations were made to the New Year's Campaign of Nantes, the City where I live. The most part of you probably doesn't know or heard about Nantes, so you won't be able to recognize all the elements from the City, but, let me tell you, everything that is illustrated in the images you will find in Nantes, from the river to the grapes. And if you are asking yourself if we have a half moon on the floor or did I went nuts with that, welll.... I'm still saine, we do have a half moon on the floor! And it's craters are trampolines... cool isn't it? I had a lot of fun finding a place (and a little magic) to each element on the images. Nantes is a fantastic City, I must say it wasn't really hard to make something interesting.

I hope you like this project as much as I do!

Horizontal version

Metropolitan version

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