I had the pleasure of working on an exciting project involving the creation of four cool illustrations for the packaging of the new Santa Maria chips: World Pops. The concept focuses on the diverse flavors inspired by two vibrant cultures, Mexican and Italian. 
Commissioned by Brandon agency, I was tasked with designing four floating islands – two representing Mexican culture and two representing Italian culture. Each island was crafted to incorporate a variety of iconic elements from each country. 
World Pops Mexican Style features the irresistible crunch of black bean corn chips infused with the savory taste of cheese, chili, and cumin, transporting consumers to the lively streets of Mexico. Meanwhile, World Pops Italian Style offers a delightful combination of pea and lentil chips seasoned with fresh basil and cheese, evoking the vibrant flavors of Italy. 
Not only are these chips bursting with flavor, but they also offer a healthier alternative to traditional snacks, being popped in hot air and containing 60% less fat than regular potato chips. 
I'm really proud to contribute to a project that celebrates cultural diversity while delivering a delicious and wholesome snacking option.

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