To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Kalorik invited me to team up with four influencers to create four custom designs. Only one design would be printed on a limited-edition air fryer!
During a month, the influencers invited their followers to vote for their design. The most voted one was Kate Lemon's design.

Pour célébrer son 90ème anniversaire, Kalorik m'a invité à créer 4 designs basées sur 4 influenceurs. Seulement un des designs serait imprimé sur une édition limitée de leur air fryer.
Pendant 1 mois les influencers ont invité leurs followers à voter pour leur design. Le plus voté a été le design de Katy Lemons. 
Jean Lee loves to be surrounded by family and friends. Sharing a delicious meal in the company of loved ones is Jean’s happy place. Her values lie around the concept of community — how something as simple as breaking bread with friends and family has the profound power to connect us all. Food is a universal force of unity, and Jean uses food as a vessel to nurture relationships.
Jen Balisi is a traveler at heart. Her adventurous spirit and appreciation for different cultures fuel her unyielding pursuit for exploration. She loves to discover all the beautiful hidden treasures that lie in this world. As her handle suggests (@indulgenteats), Jen loves to indulge her palate with delicious foods from across the globe. She is inspired by warm colors, especially the nostalgic glow of “golden hour” — the magical time when the sun sets and rises, and everything is bathed in warm, golden light.
Katie Lemons (@twist_of_lemons) is passionate about holistic medicine, healthy eating, and yoga. She has a sensibility for understanding how food is fundamentally tied to our spiritual well-being. Her design illustrates the poetic connection she sees between food and color. Spring colors, like yellow from squash and lemons (Katie’s namesake, of course!), and green from avocado and kale, embody the concepts of reawakening and rebirth, essential to Katie’s personal values and perspective on life.
Sun, Sand, Sea:
You can’t help but notice Samantha’s beautiful connection to her city of Miami. She loves the sea, sun, sand, and the sound of the palm trees blowing in the ocean breeze. Spending a day on the beach with friends and family is her definition of paradise. As a child, Samantha loved to watch her grandmother cook, and it was these early memories which would inspire her lifelong passion for food. She loves calming pastel colors, like the classic Art Deco aesthetic of Miami whose palette perfectly mimics the Florida sky at sunrise.
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